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2019 ADHA Annual Conference


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2018-2019 ODHA Officers!

2018-2019 ODHA Officers

Back row left to right:

Lainey Foster, ODHA Secretary; Chadleo Webb, ODHA Treasurer; Kimbery Moore, Immediatr Past President; Gretchen Matty, ODHA Speaker of the House

Front row left to right:

Shelli Johnson, ODHA Vice President; Christopher Immormino, ODHA President; Shannon Sweeney, ODHA President-Elect

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Chris Immormino, ODHA President

The President‘s Message

Empower, Energize, Embolden

I would like to take a moment to discuss my theme for the upcoming year. I look to EMPOWER all hygienists in Ohio in our pursuit to fulfill ODHA’s mission statement which reads: “Our mission is to advance and secure the profession of dental hygiene, to improve and protect the public’s total health and to ensure access to quality oral healthcare.”

These goals can’t be achieved by the work of just a few. To help engage and empower, I plan to be active on social media outlets, such as Facebook and Constant Contact. These tools help give hygienists the knowledge of the issues that affects our profession quickly, effectively, and broadly. Once hygienists are armed with the biggest concerns and threats facing the public they can begin to help improve the public’s total health by working to improve access to quality oral healthcare. Once hygienists are educated on the issues and possess the needed resources we will be ENERGIZED to get involved at all levels of the organization, whether it be on our Facebook page, their local component, in Columbus at the Statehouse or simply joining as members of the ADHA and ODHA.

Once we are all energized and we are all working together this will leave us EMBOLDENED and give us the courage and confidence to act on our mission statement and advance our profession. I call on you to get involved, no effort is too small, no action is too little. Talk with me, engage ODHA’s Executive Council, your local component and reach out to the group on Facebook. Step outside your comfort zone and experience something new. Volunteer, provide feedback, take the time to get updates from the ADHA and ODHA. Once Hygienists are Empowered, Energized and Embolden we will move the profession forward.

Christopher Immormino, ODHA President